1. You should always be kind and courteous to others and provide helpful and insightful information rather than spread lies, mislead, or harshly criticize. Treat others like you would treat a respectable elder in real life
  2. You may not harass, abuse, threaten, or post content against anyone including yourself. Such content includes release of personal information or targeting a specific person, group, or organization
  3. You may not post or upload any content that is deemed offensive, racist, discriminating, or illegal
  4. You may not post spam, junk, or advertisements on Pluqo servers
  5. Content you post must be appropriate to the location you post it.
  6. When posting content that is not legal for those under the age of 18 or content that is NSFW, you must distinctly mark your content as such
  7. You may only post NSFW comments under NSFW discussions. Once a discussion is marked as NSFW, it cannot be undone, so you can be sure your content is always appropriate
  8. You may not post or upload any content that is not your own unless you have written permission by the content author to share his or her work or the content author has already made his or her work strictly public
  9. Report anyone or anything that you believe is report worthy. Do not report something that clearly does not violate any of these rules or the /info/terms.
  10. If you find a bug or vulnerability, please report it to feedback@pluqo.com. Do not exploit vulnerability or use it to harm Pluqo or its users.
  • Pluqo may change these rules at any time without notice. By using Pluqo, you confirm that you accept the most recent rules. Most importantly, have fun! Pluqo is a place of joy and fascination. Enjoy it and let others enjoy it as well!