1. Account

    1. Why was my account locked?

      Your account is locked after a successive number of failed attempts. This is to help protect your account. If you have forgotten your password, visit the reset password page. If you have been locked out and want to unlock your account, follow the instructions in the email we sent you. If you did not receive an email, you can request another here. If you did not provide us your email upon registration, then you must wait about 1 hour before being able to log in again. Make sure to add an email address in your settings if this becomes an issue.
  2. Achievements

    1. How come some people earned a certain achievement but I did not?

      Certain achievements are exclusive and you may obtain one instead of the other based on your behavior (like how you comment).
  3. Subscriptions

    1. How do subscriptions work?

      When you subscribe to a category, you are essentially subscribing to that entire category including any subcategories. The higher level subscription takes precedence over any lower level ones. For example, if you subscribed to /Movies/The Shawshank Redemption, and then subscribed to /Movies, your subscription shifts to /Movies.
  4. Quota and points

    1. What is quota?

      Your quota indicates the amount of things you can post in a day. Veteran, high level users have a higher quota than low level users. This is one of the measures we employ to prevent spam.
    2. How do I increase my quota?

      Earn more points!
    3. How do I earn more points?

      Contribute to the community by commenting or posting interesting questions or content and other users will reward you.
    4. What happens if I reach 0 points?

      Unfortunately, this effectively means that you are banned and will not be able to post any new content. However, you may still access your account and view your favorite content.
  5. NSFW content

    1. What is NSFW?

      NSFW stands for Not Safe For Work and is a way to convey that certain content may be inappropriate.
    2. Should I label my discussion as NSFW?

      Mature language is NOT considered NSFW unless it is excessive in density (too much of it in a small space) or it is really brutal. If you think your content is inappropriate, even in the given context or category, you should probably label it as NSFW. Ask yourself, 'would I be okay with my boss or mom seeing this?' and 'is this appropriate for people under the age of 18?'
    3. Why was my content labeled NSFW or hidden?

      Sometimes your content may be flagged by other users. If this happens a lot, your content may be hidden to protect others. Your content is also evaluated by admins. If an admin deems your content inappropriate, he/she may either remove your content completely or re-label it as NSFW. Note that if you did not label it correctly yourself, you might lose points.