What is Pluqo?

Pluqo is a forum of forums where you control the category and the discussion. Ask questions, share information and engage with people who love the same things you do.

What makes Pluqo special?

Pluqo allows you to completely categorize your discussion using up to 3 different levels of categorization. You are free to create any sub-forum or sub-sub-forum you deem interesting. To do this, you simply type your categorization scheme when you create a discussion. All categories are automatically grouped and associated. The best categories rise to the top. Want to ask a question about hardware? You can post a discussion under Computers/Hardware or Computers/PC/Hardware. It's all up to you!

Categorization allows you to control your audience, describe your posts, and discuss any topic you can think of - all in one place. Categorization is also good for businesses. You can create a sub-forum completely dedicated to your product or needs.

What inspired Pluqo?

Pluqo was inspired by the lack of a unified message board system. When working on another project, we realized we needed a categorized forum in which the user controls the categories rather than the moderators. Thus, the idea of a dynamic forum was born and with it came Pluqo.

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